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lightness in the dark
We will make it through this. Believe that.

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Ghetto Soul Poetry



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I was in the mood for some ghetto soul poetry, whatever that means. I wanted to feel a connection to something. Lately it seems like I have been sure about everything and nothing. 

Melancholy but im still stoked. 

I have my 50cc bike and I was stroked. I was going nowhere really really slow. I was at the top of the list of being at the bottom of the list but I perservered. 

How can you be an underdog and clap back. How can you be broke and stay strapped. Can you watch the sun rise and set, so when do you rest. 

They say naps dont help when your soul is tired. I was wired for sound and I saw the world in ghetto beats. No retreat, no surrender. Im ending those that tried to end me. Im pushing pass the picket lines and paying all the fines. 

No limits and no gimmicks. It was just time for this to happen and I am here for it. I adore it and I adore you so lets do what we came to do. The world is ours, we just have to claim it.

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Coalhouse says:

Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

So true, love_supreme. Claiming it! Powerful write. Thanks. ONE. Peace and Love.

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