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I Feel So Real and I owe it all to you-Tribute song for my very favorite Singer and Special friend Natalie Cole-still connected-Feel so real Steve Arrington

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Old Men



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Old men never told young

men about the stages of gettin old

Now that I am old I now know why

They didnt know took years to figure out too

No warning no take it easy no slow it down

just boom thats it buddy you cant do that

no more 

you still talkin bout  Man i always been

doing that

So as an old man I now know life is

a continueous learning experience process

you never can stop learning so now I

am learning makin adjustments applying

them to this new stage of life I have entered


A great song for me is by my most versatile singer any style any time

with the best of them Natalie Cole from her LP Ask a woman who knows the song Old Man youtube got it

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love_supreme says:

Excellent write.

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TEEDUB815 says:

Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Yes, Sire! And each day perpendicular to the ground---without worry---we can say, To God Be The Glory! Thanks for this great share. ONE. Peace and Love.

mrmelody7 says:

@love_supreme thank U much

mrmelody7 says:

@ TEEDUB815 Thank U much

mrmelody7 says:

@ mlowe5 Thank U much Sir
Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

ONE. Peace and Love.

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