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lightness in the dark
We will make it through this. Believe that.

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Its Official



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It feels good to be great so I am making it official. I am no longer afraid. You should Google how many times it says do not be afraid in the Bible. There is a message hidden in there and we need to listen to it just as much as we need to listen to the Universe. Don't believe the story you have been told but start writing your own.

Write your own poetry like you are the only one that is listening. This is your form of your higher self and all this time you have been doing it in stealth. Hiding in dark alleyways instead of Broadway. 

You knew your message was strong but you kept it hidden anyway just like we all did for the sake of being afraid of not drawing too much attention to ourselves and in that moment we became less of our true selves. 

We are powerful beings and we can see extremes in everything. We need to exercise those extremes on yourself. You are nuclear at this point, when someone turns the power off, it automatically comes back on again. 

You breath kerosene and everyone around you is lighting matches. They knew what to expect and even if they didnt it, they have to deal with it anyway because you are living life on your terms. You have made them clear.

So now your official.

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Thanks again, love_supreme, for another powerful and beautiful inspirational write! You are indeed, a great mentoring inspiration. ONE. Peace and Love.

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