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Growing Pains



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It's been awhile my minds just not mines. It belongs to everyone. I call myself having it together but together has me. I'm in a matrix and I can't seem to pull me together. I often wonder when did I lose me? A simple question with no actual answer just a question I guess. Life is lifing and I'm holding on to all I have Faith. I realized that many delays were on me, I've given so much of myself did I make myself available when I really wasn't needed. I remember being 16 and just like that Life really flew by. I really just try to live right and I can't complain this life has been great. I know I could have done more but at the moment I chose to feed the the tables around me I starved myself and for that I lost weight. Took a while but it's all catching up. As I progress I pray more and become more humble. Those quotes our parents say become a reality. And now we watch and reminisce about the old days. Just wishing we didn't have these Growing pains

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love_supreme says:

Very nice!

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mlowe5 says:

Deep! Though your labors of love may have caused pain, know that love always heals its own pain. Keep being that onderfull being that you are. Great write. One. Peace and Love.

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