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Though a Democrat, I play the devil's advocate...


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after reading the article
(published in the July + August 2024
issue of Mother Jones)
titled Raging bull - Donald Trump's
pugilistic spokesman has taken

campaigning to a whole new level of low.

Beyond the lookout
for Huyen "Steven" Cheung
(born June 23, 1982)
an American political advisor
Donald Trump's campaign spokesman
in the 2023–24 Republican primary
and served in the Donald J. Trump administration.

He previously worked in Trump's 2016
and 2020 campaigns.

Brilliant gifted package of brains and brawn,
his crude quips against opponents,
(which includes politicians of all stripes),
cut down and figuratively quartered
reduced courtesy raw bits of biting riposte
forced into thralldom, cuz Trump world
adversaries sacrificial fodder roasted alive
all stops pulled out except blood relatives,
where merciless cutthroat antagonism drawn
sycophants molded like putty in the hands
of Voodoo magic spellcaster henchman
disabling staunch radical transgressors

think how frozen blinded deer fawn,
videre licet buckle under headlights glare
immobilized lifeless body
courtesy invisible hawn
fricasséeing, mincing, skewering,
and frankly zapping unwitting victim
par for the coarse faux jambon,
or sprinkled as rich nutrient
upon manicured lawn
housing consecrated ashes
disintegrated lovely bones of Memnon
stands proud as genetic product of Nippon.

Upon first immediate glance

his seventy two plus inches

presents overshadowing, looming,

and hulking mound of flesh

capped with large oblong head,
his likeness surpasses,

supersedes, and summons

idealistic awesomeness of
(Jean Jacques Rousseau) noble savage

beastie boy incarnate,

nevertheless he only poses a menace

to any and all who cross his path.


His physical prowess proved time and again

evident as high school football player then

soon thereafter, he channeled latent might

as martial arts fan

and dabbled in taekwondo,

and Muay Thai boxing
answering the call to ring communications

linkedin to testosterone laden

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).


I would not wish to be caught,

in a dark alley with him;

me, who (resembles an aging hippie

and long haired baby boomer)

with accidental affectations somewhat effete
laud a fellow generally antithetical

to my quiet and gentle mien;

no matter yours truly tauts his grandeur


on well poised amazingly graceful feet

exhibits art in motion,

and ability to throw a judicious punch

combined with said averred

robust pillar of strength

being politically savvy

and whip smart to boot

qualities I envy and admire.


Quite challenging,
yet not quite impossible mission

to wax poetic toward an individual

exemplifying the complete antithesis

of mine body, mind and spirit
and synonymous with flattering a bully
for the shear confident bravado

exhibited, which winning qualities
guarantee a success brand

within cutthroat political

webbed wide world effects expand

ever outwar affecting mien kampf

analogous to a monstrous tropical storm

acknowledged as more powerful

(than my measly, and wimpy strength)

that doth move inland,

which earth-shaking event headline

sells papers at the newsstand

years from now techniques

of his stellar machismo masterfully characterized

courtesy elephant gingerly

standing, grandstanding, and balancing on one foot

will serve as object lesson for aspirants

nasty brutish modus operandi

scrutinized, schooled and scanned.

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

A well-taught canvassing flow of the devil's advocate! ONE. PEACE AND LOVE, as you sojourn.

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