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Thee grim reaper as pedagogical savior de jour-


just different

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To avoid the pitfall of prospective homelessness
which near future prospect

induces existential angst I confess.


Today (written

countless years ago), I wanna die

and bid god riddance grandly

going gamesomely gra grave,

de deum, and cymbal crash

to Bing mulct emotionally,

physically and spiritually -

all the grinding hardships

would be gone in a flash

how tempting to seek

of a solution sans hemlock


or other deadly potion,

whereby toothless mouth need not gnash

boot simply swallow

and drink from the goblet of

mortal freedoms renting psychunder

with purposelessness mine hash

tag, which bout with suicide

while n the edge of thirteen -

Anorexia nervosa defeated -

then as now experience

10,000 banshee maniacs whip lash


lacerating, flagellating,

and repeatedly rousing thoughts

shin to circle back to why death

be not proud when life on par with a mash

up of ennui, futile
gobbledygook housing incubus

analogous luft waffe bombardiers quash

the joie de vivre per

je ne sais quois spritely spring

in step happy jollity,

and levity attempt to make light


of psychological me's mental illness rash

whence thru the then lvii roam min years

as chief garbage taster of trash

hurled my way gnome matter
the gremlins dwelt within the Wabash

distance to inflict din er
of dissonance targeted

this mortal for'er abash

as soon as he got expelled
from the womb,

his reddened ears did bash


from sonic screaming boom

causing astir the nurses

into the maternity ward
of me late mum sped like dash

her, and fast as a comet

Prancer doth emulate

a con vixen dancer,

cuz ova this rude half

re: that came a boot

from genetic
chromosomal DNA wash.

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

A well-learned-taught lesson from a grim reaper experience.

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