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Mayank Amin


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ah... methinks now is the time to wax prosaic and simulate being a writer about Mayank Amin, (a 2015 alumni of Saint Joseph's University Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, and Villanova University graduate), the owner/manager of Skippack Pharmacy, who goes out of his way far and above the call of duty to alleviate medical concerns of ordinary citizens, who courtesy word of mouth, and his public advocacy endeavors attract an ever burgeoning number of patients sustaining the once fledgling entrepreneurship (he started five years ago) regarding a thriving business, plus setting a high standard of acumen many another high achieving student might try to emulate additionally and lastly, he exudes successful attributes (such as being a gentle caregiver, loving father, respectable individual to identify a small number of laudatory attributes), not only when he or one of his staff deliver prescription medication to satisfied customers, but also confident super healing power aura, sprinkled with a healthy dosage of dogma, karma, and persona that infected me some few years ago no matter yours truly a pleased CVS customer for many years, whose support vis a vis courtesy my left or right arm (to receive beneficial vaccination/booster) unwittingly provided a golden opportunity to express positive feedback about trusting my life to a dispenser (read purveyor of valuable science based knowledge) within comments section of questionnaire regarding registering to help celebrate fifth anniversary on June twenty eighth two thousand and twenty four of said robust flourishing calling to serve the community of faithful adherents guaranteeing future praise for regular service to protect young and old people alike able, eager, ready and willing to congratulate a native son of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania necessitates lavish outpouring of storied attainment regarding one outstanding young man (at thirty six, he attained the pinnacle and well deserved unmitigated lofty written representation) underscoring, recognizing, and honoring a perfect example of dogged perseverance subsequently witnessing astounding grandiloquence bubbling forth from these fingers attempting (via feeble effort) to generate the shining exemplar videlicet stellar triumph (no matter said pharmacy located at 4118 Skippack Pike challenging for someone to access traveling west on above named thoroughfare, a heavily trafficked intersection) thru sheer indomitable dedication of brains and brawn to his studies exemplifying by a tour de force of mental, physical and spiritual endurance how ambition allowed, enabled and provided a modest good Knight North Penn High School graduate reaching unquestionable role of local fame and fortune paying due diligence and earning kudos (not just from writer of these words, but also countless lives sustained, thus collective resounding applause requisite upon the human being eliciting status of outstanding role model and hero incumbent on one beetle browed, foo fighting no nonsense wordsmith whose stream of consciousness and extemporaneous flattery communicated with sincerity toward one vibrant former wunderkind, (which presumption of mine probably not far off the mark) predicated on insight gleaned from personal scattershot interactions, and endless profuse kudos revealed after googling his name, thus only decent to acknowledge ambitious and conscientious traits emblematic of second generation Indian, whose rootedness in selflessness represents a kind of altruism of the body, mind, anad spirit triage upending the popular notion to acquire massive riches as glorification of the old mighty buck ofttimes transcending the role of virtuous noblesse oblige such as being altruistic, humanistic, idealistic analogous to acquire being fêted as a deserved unsung Ubermensch, a notion popularized by Friedrich Nietzsche – loosely, tenuously latched onto here (very flimsy linkedin association – so go ahead and rip into attempt at laughable ludicrous mishmashed nippy nap noopy offal philosophical quirkiness) in an effort to put mine cerebral cells thru rigorous torture taxing their neglected powers, but remembering from a political science class I enrolled in at Antioch College (in Yellow Springs, Ohio) then (about two score plus years ago) barely grasping abstract ideas, and falling short of fully comprehending the assigned reading material long since relegated to the dustbin of forgetfulness, a temporary lapse of reason striking and bowling over yours truly (analogous to ten pins struck down) representing an unproductive pattern matriculating for a couple semesters at countless colleges and universities – in other words remaining a perpetual student early into my third decade, when fear of taking mein kampf by the figurative “horns” found repeatedly entering and exiting the storied halls of institutions of higher learning, none of which witnessed completion with diploma in hand.

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