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None of these labels, titles or earthly things are a requirement to get into Heaven, Not None, so stop stressing over it. Nacho credit score, nacho degrees, nacho cars, nacho house, nacho race, nacho money, nacho age, nacho financial status, nacho CEO title, nacho president, governor, mayor, construction worker, plumber, hair stylist or mailman title. Nacho looks, nacho wigs or weaves, nacho 6 pack, diamond iced out necklace, or yo Moncler jacket. Nacho Cyber truck, dirty clothes, or clean shaven beard. Nacho Miss America title, private jet or yo smile. Nacho Superbowl ring and damn sho not no Oscar…

In this world, many want to achieve something. It is a desire to be rewarded with something that you have earned.
When you graduate from high school, you earn a diploma. 
When you graduate from college, you earn a degree.
Sometimes when you excel at a job, you earn a raise and/or a promotion. Yet everyday, people overlook the fact that they are rewarded with God’s mercy and grace, yet can they actually say they’ve “earned” it? Our God is merciful, even when you don’t deserve it, He gives it. How Awesome is that?

Also, it’s amazing how everyone wants new stuff, more stuff, this stuff, that stuff… but, it’s nacho “stuff” that will get you into Heaven.
Do you know people cling and hold onto “stuff” for dear life. But you right, it’s yours, so be like the collection agency and keep collecting.

And as we all know, when you leave this world, it now becomes someone else’s “stuff.” You cannot take your “stuff” with you. Which means it will be left here for others to fuss over, fight over, hold on to, cherish, keep, give away or throw away. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying not to have nothing, accomplish nothing or it’s wrong to have nice things, God wants us to have nice things. All I’m saying is don't be obsessed, possessed, or stressed with or without these things. If something breaks or gets lost, it is not the end of the world.
Remember, it’s nacho stuff that goes to Heaven with you. Material things are replaceable, you are not.

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mlowe5 says:

And it's "nacho" washing of yo hands, but that "washing of the feet" of others. A beautiful flowing canvas of the title. Enjoyed the read. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

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