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Mother Nature and Father Time

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Mother Nature tends to sooth and relieve
the constant blemishes of man who believe
that failure's life threatening, and the world's at an end
Really, it's only but a lesson that only she can send

Mother Nature, how do you teach flowers to stay so bright
in dark places within man's heart where there's no light
Is it through our feelings which brings about change?
Or is it through our sins that makes our goodness seem strange?

Then here comes Father Time, patient as ever
fast as lightning, but slow as a turtle, whcih seems quite clever
That all of man's desires can be fulfilled
But as children we wail until the gift has been billed

When it's received though, man jumps in delight
not knowing that there's more within sight
So in turn Father Time teaches man a great, unforgetable virtue
That nothing in this world was ever meant to hurt you

Each lesson taught is meant for man to become strong
To instill character, so that man can live long
Which would put to an end the evils of senseless crime
If man would learn from Mother Nature and Father Time

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Wize Dom says:

Nice write

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