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Stay the Course

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How shall I begin, in this world filled with sin
going back and forth to ask God for forgiveness now and then
Already knowing that i'm going to do it again and again
But God knows my heart, judging me with a stern grin

Telling me: "My Son, what is wrong with you?"
"I fully understand all that you're going through."
"The path that I chose for you is truly the right direction"
"So why keep stumbling on the same stone, knowing you need correction?"

I looked up in bewilderment, crying:"what else should i do?"
So i ask for help, still not having a clue
on what lies before me, as these walls come closing in
with shadowy figures now snarling at me, like I'm Daniel trapped in the Lion's den

all of a sudden a light shines in front of me
Is it sign? Better than that am i free?
question after question arose, struggling amidst this confusion
Till God touched my head to quell this demonic intrusion

so I lift my hands praising my Lord; my Heavenly Father
Telling me:"My Son stop writing this sad story, I AM is your new author."
"Allow me to guide you my son, and get off that high horse!"
All i can say is "Yes Lord"; i promise to Stay The Course"

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2b2b2 says:

BEAUTIFUL brother.....thanks for sharing....ONE

Wize Dom says:

The truth is in the struggle. very nice

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