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So far I’ve witnessed every single man
Turn their head

As you pass by
You strut mean
And naughty
Your body glides
Against the surface
Of air
Exploiting your beauty
So fragile
so rare
Perfect hair
Meets emotional scare

But who cares
Being beautiful is most important
Just as long as others feel
In your presence
The fumes of your perfume
Turns the room
Into a strip tease
Sleaze kind of theme

You’re married
But you’ve taken off your ring.
Franklin joins you beside
The pole of delight

Just watch how she comes down from there
Her heels giving her height.
You dance all night
To the backseat beat

Thick flares of moans
From the tops of
Whiskey crates

Just as long as the pay is good.
You will stay.
Beautiful just means
Having the body to give away.


-Desiree Chavez

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