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Pay Attention


just different

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It’s hard to get my attention 

Yet I notice every detail 

I use laughter to cut the tension 

Hyper vigilance is a curse 

There’s no exchange 

That’s not worth a mention 

Every body tell’s a story

You don’t need ears to listen 

Psychology taught us 

We speak volumes 

Without ever saying a word 

If you catch me in a crowd 

I’m silent 

I’m taking it all in 

People watching is 

A favorite pastime 

Taught myself to read 

In-between pursed lips and 

Eye squints 

Awkward Ticks 

Repetitive words 

Shaky hands 

When you hand me a drink 

Loose fingers when you speak 

I’m watching what you’re doing 

You’re practically painting a scene

Alot of us mimic the characters on screen

Who are we when the smoke clears 

Tear stained faces and broken mirrors 

Pay attention 

It’s all worthy 

Don’t get caught up in lip-service tricks 

Idolizing the alphabet 

Where a play on words insists 

Real life is just a check-list 

On Pinterest 

Enough talking 

We’ve lost touch with 

Body language 

Art now saves reality on clips 

This is an assimilation 

Regardless of what you believe 

No wonder I refrain

From turning on the t.v. 

Too many phony’s 

Disguised as real

I’m too observant 

I know the deal

This is a warning in case 

You ever had a doubt 

Pay attention 

Or lose yourself 


Written By:


Dez Sevena 

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Mingoao says:

Awesome write . ! - Keep doing you. -Bless Up

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mlowe5 says:

Oh, you have my attention, Dez. Continue to keep focusing on us. One. Peace and Love.

TEEDUB815 says:

Great write! We all need to pay attention. Thumbs Up

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halfblacksheep1 says:

I really love this poem and your style of writing. Intriguing

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