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A Child Born in Slavery

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Today a child was giving life, born in slavery and without her rights,

Her dad is guilty and her mom is filthy, living on the streets, while in search of reality,

She trys to talk but its hard to breathe, gasping for air as the crackheads leave,

Now all she can hear is her mother plead, please don't take my daughter, she is only 3!

As she screams! They take her away, across the country is where she will stay,

Alone and helpless the jury is restless, sending her to a foster home, where she gets Malested,

Time has passed! 18 at last, sleeping around just to make some cash,

She is sick but soon finds a man, to fulfill her needs as she smiles again,

There love is strong as they play there song, talking and planning to change the wrong,

But only making minimum wage, he hustles some crack that society gave,

They let him sell it and unload them shells, right before, they send him to to jail,

So once again she is stuck in sin, selling her body, she ends up with twins,

Her money is low and her children won't grow, while society plans to kill her some moe,

They take her kids and destroy her crib,

So now shes lost on the streets again.... Peace

Dedicated to a all women and Children with broken lives...


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Wize Dom says:

This is touching, very well thought out and penned my brother.

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latin_lover says:

This poem is very thought-provoking.

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TINY says:

This poem to me is powerful because it speaks to me and as i continued to read it, it drew me into it even more!

tretre says:

WoW! i have to share this on my Facebook. Such a great poem and should be shared by many.

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