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A Mind Wonders

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A woman mind wonders of all the possibilities of any particular situation

she brainstorms the ends and outs

beginning and end

while rethinking it over several times more

if she did this or that what would the outcome be

would the results be what she always wanted or just a temporary fix to her snowballing predicament

 a girl mind wonders

who is she pleasing with her decisions

will others be affected as she attempts to make up her mind

all these questions clutters her head

is she making the right choice for all

the right reasons

what is the best for her and those around her


until she can't think anymore

she begins to write

write down the pros and cons

her pen can't keep up with the mile a minute thoughts

her hand begins to cramp as she attempts to pen it all down

the pen drops

she is frustrated to the max

thinking to herself life can't truly be this hard

she takes a deep breath

giving her mind time to slow down and her hand a break

she closes her eyes attempting to escape 


her mind went blank as the page before she filled it in with the good and the bad  


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latin_lover says:

This poem really makes you think.

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Wize Dom says:

I can see the artist in you rise up in this, you are a force.

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Kharisma says:

My mind wonders even when I don't want it to. Wonderful true words

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