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A Lover's Quarrel

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In the beginning
We disagreed on
Different things
Here and there
It was to be expected
It’s how relationships go, right?
Throughout and over time
We learned to agree to
Disagree and lay our feelings
To the side all the while
Not realizing the imminent
Danger we put our selves in.
As we sat our truest feelings aside
As we continually swept
Them under the rug
Days go by without kisses
And nights went by without hugs
Then the sh*t hits the fan
Screaming and shouting
We break out the score charts
Not realizing the number of
Knives that pierced our hearts
And like a deflating balloon
Losing its air
Every feeling suppressed
Inside of us is released.
One touch creates a
Domino effect of
Kissed tears and kissed lips
And locked hands and
Embraces so tight
That we cry together
Until heartbeats and breathing
Are all that is being said
Between us.
The morning sun rises
As the day comes anew
Still embraced in each other’s arms
Foreheads are kissed as we
Whisper I love you
Love has taught us
A lesson yet once again,
Even if we don’t see eye to eye
We should at least
Look in the same direction.


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scash102 says:

Great poem , i like it.

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ladypoet45 says:

Thank you scash102. I appreciate it.

SoFloetic says:

I love it

ladypoet45 says:

Thank you SoFloetic.

2b2b2 says: nailed it....ONE

ladypoet45 says:

Thank you kind sir! (bow and nod) (smiles).

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