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My battery is low

There’s a drop in my flowmeter

My mind is racing


Speed reader

I’m trying to be patient

Frantically cutting through

The thick of frustration & aggravation

They drained my blood

Now they want my life

I’m being egged toward the edge

Embracing a weak ledge

Holding on to the pledge

Neither to complain or wage war

One out of two is the best by far

Single handedly trying desperately

 To seal the cracks in the cement

Of my strong commitment

My word being my bond

Cohesively trying to lock in

The pressure of my breaking point

To stop the wrecking ball

Looking down nothing

Can be found to break my fall

How far will I go down?

Will I break bones and have to crawl

Will I go to hell if I broke through ground?

I’m under the restraints of

Ropes and chains on my mind

Depleting my fleeting circulation

I can’t seem to get any ventilation

Sometimes I can’t manage

Wrap me up in a strait Jacket

Like a compressor bandage

It’s like my brain is at risk

Of being damaged

I’m losing my sanity from the

Overflow of insane caseloads

Pushing me into a vegetative state

Thank God I’m a meat eater and I just ate

Feeling like I'm on a crowded highway

Gridlocked in so much defeat

Holding me down like a paperweight

My blood boils to clotting with

Nowhere to go, let me go

I try to scream but my air won’t flow

Wrapped tightly around my wrist

Popping the bubble wrap rage

That I painfully engage

Warning me to stop and breathe

Past the breaking and shattering

Glass that breaks and interrupts my peace







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TwistedInk says:

That sh*t was sweet Read it 5 times I need a favorite button🚀🚀

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