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been gone for about 5 months. ive written a lot. but i felt compelled to share my new piece "The Heart's Deception".

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wrong is wrong,

and right is right

but for quite some time

in my mind

right was wrong,

and wrong was right

my conscience is messed up

you want my spot? step up

yeah, im a man on a mission

to fix your distorted or hazy vision

my faith is strong,

that’s how ive made it this far

if you know me, then you know how i do this

aint nothing better than someone who has a message in their music

at any given moment i could be hit with a death sentence

im trying to make the best of this-


i refuse to go down without a fight

i need a full restoration and reparation of my unrighteous soul

im sorry for not doing was i was told Lord

you gave me forgiveness i didn’t ask for

far from innocence

but with this poetic gift you have given

i am trying to make a difference

im drastically trying to make my fantasies a reality

you trippin, i aint fugazzi

im putting this work in yet you still calling me lazy

let me change it

this police brutality

they killing innocents

they just criminals with permission

“they got a war on drugs, but not a war on poverty”

yeah, that was a Tupac reference

a legend deserves acknowledgement

like Jesus of Nazareth

he died for you, but you cant live for him?

your mind is cluttered by ignorance

people look at me like im crazy

is it because i act different?

once again i will say i am trying to make a difference-

in people lives

i would make the sacrifice

of giving you my eyes if you were to go blind

i try to help others because Karma is a cruel mistress

i know what it’s like to have all my hope be diminished

June 4th, 2012

all my peace and tranquility was stripped from me

“Rest in Peace” to my cousin Querokee, who was only 13

i know you’re in the hands of the almighty

i eventually learned lessons from this

and those lessons turned into blessings

those blessings were good and all,

but they didn’t mend this broken heart

what was i living for?

to almost have my life ruined by addiction?

to for years run away from the fact that i was a Christian?

instead of embracing Romans Verse 16 of Chapter 1

this is the verse that i keep closest to my heart

it states that i will not be ashamed of the Gospel of God



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