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I'm too old to be

told what to do

by those who use too

I hate what they

made do

what they were trying

to turn me into

I had to rebel in order

to break loose

write my own verse

to reverse the curse

dropped a few dollars

in my mother's purse

I was bad but could

have been worse

I liked pâté

hate liverwurst

read the dictionary

there was no need to curse

those who found themselves

in a conversation with me

had to work on their diction

they had nothing to discuss

learning is my addiction

my mission is chronic

principal matters

about to bust

like a full bladder

pissed on by my kin folks

struck a match

it all went up in smoke

wear a mask so you

won't choke

sometimes I can be

a comedian but I

ain't no joke

told to stifle but

still spoke

some would be

buried deep

thanks to me

I held back the heat

no gas leak

I let them sleep

tucked my sheets

in case I walk in my sleep

it's flammable liquid

careful not to waste it

smells so loud

I can taste it

I was told that hate is

a strong word

it can't bend steel

because I'm still here

my enemies greatest fear

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hymnagen says:

And a poet not to be played with either!

2b2b2 says:

Awesome.....thanks Wize....Much Love

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