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This year I learned life ain't always what it seems
I spent most of my year angry but I was happy in my dreams
2014 was terrible but I learned some great things
I learned true mourning and sorrow as well as the joy that God brings
I lost a job I had in February and another one in November
Felt like a tree being cut down with nobody to yell timber
I lost my dad in April and that sh*t hurt the most
Cause even though we lived far apart, we still felt very close
Could you imagine how Gotham City would feel if Batman died?
If they could no longer go and put that logo in the sky?
How Peter Parker could spin webs but couldn't go back in time?
I felt the same way Peter Parker did when he lost Uncle Ben except I weeped harder when I cried
Constant fights with family over bullsh*t
Could you believe some of my family got mad cause I spent some extra time around the pulpit?
Arguing with people over things and people that made me happy
And when they wanted a handout, I should gave then ninjas toilet tissue for acting so crappy
Having to defend a relationship that brought a positive change
But i felt like we all had guns but I was just the only one taking the shots while we were in the gun range
Hopefully 2015 is different
All I wanna do is getting my poetry to the people who'll take time to listen
The orphaned kids and children whos fathers is locked up, dead or missing
Cause we all cubs trying to survive in this wilderness called call life while the devil is steady on his missions
But I'm happy to get this year going
No more talking, only thing we gonna be doing this year is showing.


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I am edified by your optimism. Peace

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