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  The sweet scent of the essence

of the people of good spiritual water

rises towards the heavens
upon beams of love and light...
and those who struggle

to remain so 

within this cascading stream
which issues forth new spiritual voices 
from the depths within this well of souls
are granted freedom in ways increased tenfold
beyond the joy of discovery  …that our prayers
are not expressed in vain
and when we spend our energies
reflecting compassion and concern
for others in this living circle
we play our part in
as we grow more learned
raising the sum of consciousness
within this our human tribe
in effort to cancel out the hatred
we have inflicted
against the communal heartbeat
of a loving humanity
as we have so many times
unknowingly been led to conflict
by dissenting voices
whose desire for selfish gain fed purely by others pain
as spiritual voices
from our common pasts
perhaps even once deadly enemies
are joined again at last
seeking to regain the sanity
we once shared
in the garden of our dreams
and the Creator made for us
this perfect Eden
giving us natural rhythms
which flow within us
...oceanic sounds
to resonate all through our lives
as heartbeats making music

in the spiritual bridge
between mother and child
make waves
within our minds, 
soft music to our souls
gentle cries are heard 
our cleansing tears
are released
and fall...
through forever
falling dusts
of stars giving birth
amidst the sounds of life
which echo in the wind and rain
as sparkling embers of the sunlight
make sparks in reflections
upon a mountain stream
...and as we pray
and dream of Heaven
to our hearts delight
we share in the glow
faces lit by campfires
all across the arc of time
through countless dimensions
and of so many minds
somehow, as we all
seem to know
it's beautiful
to contemplate the love
which permeates
within our souls
in embers of
hopes and prayers
we could hardly ever
learn to love
if even, live


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2b2b2 says:

Tight Scribe...thanks for sharing....ONE

Charles2 says:

thank you

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