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The Watchful (Revised)



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Not sure
How this whole thing went

from blessed life in the garden
to sup and dine with the divine…

To lost hope and an inability to speak
In the language of the love.

Perhaps, someone trusted with the gift
Got careless, lost or foolish …

got cast adrift

Lost faith and went astray, perhaps
Fell into bad company …got misaligned,

laid down with swine,
Sold their soul for cheap sex and wine

Abandoning all contact with the most high
The fountain of youth went dry…

And the blessed state of being which had existed
Between one sphere of influence and the next

Got corrupted/Left us… as adversaries
All civility …became lost in our missteps

As our willingness to understand …

Mistakes, became …
our new routine   

Lost confidence …
in our ability to learn

Lost sight …
of our dream

Began continuously to get burned
Lost our grip. We lost hope. Went awry

Continued, endlessly to fall…
Damn, near Lost it, all…  

Demons lurk …
they’re on the prowl

Searching out signs of weakness to exploit
Or signs of strength, they can corrupt.

They’re out and about
to bring the hurt,

Remain alert

There are those
worthy of your support

Remember that love rules…

Although we saw
distortions in the wind

Like a serpent
closing for the kill

Despite the fact
that evil ones attack the good
(because it’s their nature)

And when the tides turn
(As they always  do)

The devils are going
to get their due(schooled)

Black smoke
first sang out in alarm

Announcing evil
was about armed

and dangerous

From our vantage point…
beyond the stars

Knowing the prophesy,
written in our souls

Particles crossed dimensions
phased in and out of existence,

living as pure energy…

Divine winds
became temporal…

Looking inside out  
we know what’s coming

The universe spiraled,
its infinitive galaxies

The Galactic equilibrium,
began to shift…

Coded particles, coalesced
in orchestral melodies…

Natural motions
among the stars went still

The planets left orbit
on their own free will

Spun upon their axis,
just for the thrill…

On a spiritual plane
big enough

for all of us to live…

Before God… Made
in diverse social structures

that we might find
the right system

To further
our collective development

And freely choose
our angle of trajectory

To advance
and consolidate our gains

In accordance with a design
Worthy …and true

With humility
in the divine will

for all mankind The chosen sent
to enhance and pursue free will

With cohesion for justice
and stability, on call…

Rather, than watch
the wretched few… take all

To live or die,
for stolen wealth

no longer
In our purview


Copyright ©2023 CEF2

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Excellent! Indeed, let us remain wise with our eyes still on the prize. Let us remain benevolently endowed as we sojourn with blessed divine wisdom and guidance. Thanks, C2, for another profound uplifting. ONE. Peace and Love.

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