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Imagine 365 tv monitors in a large room

Each one tuned to different stations

volume turned up to the sky

spreading the news

Or Is it

Just more of the daily Blues

Cain and Abel stories


In every dimension

Chock Full of evil rising

And All Hell breaking loose

Trying crack-baby hard

Not to mention

The Not-Christian Right is getting uptight

Because Nazis and Terrorists

are joining their cause

Cause UGlyis beautiful... 

cloaked in the smoke 

that ensues

from the Chairman

tasked to unleash the wrath

of the outspoken minority

the ones taking over

on MAGA authority

Used to be mainly just Black folks

catching Hell every which way

Well glory-Be welcome to a new day

about whose nation is erupting

with one half of humanity

doing something rash

to another somebody’s stash

Life Liberty Or Other

Pursuit of Happiness is on hold

While the most adept criminals

Shoulder the latest in weaponry

Bit-Coin Idolatry robbing the treasury

of one nation after another

hack attack

Just getting you back

While echoes and reverberations

Of ancient cash registers

Ring while opening the vaults

where the Peoples Gold is stored

And the multitudes of the schoolish

Are robbed of their sanity

Being taught evil-minded economics


Being fed Alt-Truths and Factoid theology

Meanwhile as its been 50 years

since the golden rule was criminalized

And the Fool force of the New-Law


has new recruit disciples

treading on thin-ice

learning new ways to squeeze the cheese

out the american eagles buttox

Moneymakers churning out rivers of cash

to be consumed by whore-mongers

eager and willing to grease the palms

of easy-pleasers

willing to sell their mortal souls

for getting paid to get laid 

while their abandoned families

left engaged in an endless struggle to survive

Learn to Be independent

by hook or crook


Or just drop sickly where they were left

Only to wither and die

While our leaders call for us to Ante-up

Work harder to defeat

an uncommon Foe

And Pray

we the people left holding the bag

for the dirty schemer

the dealer who has just run off

with the Ca$h

while the co-conspirators

divvy up shares on a table set 

with golden parachutes

making music videos

with their next generation hoes

while we the people

are left waiting

Calling collect to Heaven

from this prism of light wavelengths

tuning in to the frequency of The Creator

hoping we can/will 

outlast the karma of our past

(Next-up Ego-Nomix)




Copyright ©2023 CEF2

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naze00011 says:

Great poem, full of expression and truth
Contest Winner  

Charles2 says:

Thank you, naze00011. Just having fun

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