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Heavens Kiss



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A sidewards glance, as if
by chance

A drop of water

Caught between tides
of greater things

While eddies within currents
Throughout the universe

impel energies to oceans
of universal flow

like sailing ships
going dimensions


seismic drift
through empty spaces

ever beyonder


Dance stars to life
Kindled by the divine

To spontaneously ignite
Providing Light

Inducing Life

through which we as
An expression

of herds of camels

through the eye
of a needle

seek answers
to questions

Not yet asked

As if Tasked
to find

much deeper
worlds to explore

It takes more
than any one of us

to ascend

As extensions
of creative energy

Like the wind
projecting itself

through this
human expression.

i /we of many memories
repeat the pursuit

of the nature of Life

skipping stones across time

traveling to new worlds
between active memories

Many souls
speaking directly through Us

In the spirit pool
directly through dreams

In waves like ripples,
bending light/time/space

through our experience
Our existential signature


As the double helix
of our divine nature

continues to unwind
In this dimensional shift

In this capsule
of time-expression

And beyond

In effort to achieve
a viable connection

Come full circle

To pour back through
our Souls Source

Our Spirits projecting
our will

to be spoken
to our minds






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love_supreme says:

Excellent write.

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mlowe5 says:

So Mote It Be! Profound, C2. Thanks for the share. Have a blessed day. Peace and Love.

TEEDUB815 says:

Excellent Write And Enjoyed

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TamaraD says:

Amazing write I indeed enjoyed
Contest Winner  

Charles2 says:

love_supreme, Thank you. Team PV on the move

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Contest Winner  

Charles2 says:

Thank you, mlowe5. No way i can keep up with you. Time and the dream catcher travel at their own pace.

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Charles2 says:

TEEDUB815, Thank you. Just tinkering in the sandbox

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Charles2 says:

TamaraD. Thank you. Appreciate you! Thanks for checking me out.

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