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Soul free



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The very idea

that you would be Forbidden


to know your history

to read for yourself


How to plant the seed

of a history you might use


to reconstruct an identity

before the creator


that you might be enabled

to take the necessary steps


to take you from the first

to the next


To learn about every war

we may ever hope to win


We must find our strength

we must know our enemy


every battle

every stage


every weapon used

and every counter move


Each phase of the struggle

we are in


Each step taken to regain

your rightful place


Knowing he/she who plants the grain

Makes preparation of the soil


Gains the knowledge

endures the toil


To reap the benefits for the family

Put the food on the table


Enable all with the vision to see

One more path to set your soul free


To regain the love of the color 

Of your skin


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naze00011 says:

This poem has so much power and fire. It is the in your face type of poem. We (we blk) person's need to hear this need to read this. Very, very clever write. Bravo on this poem. Keep up the great work.

mrmelody7 says:

As u know Sir Charles knowledge is power of course a race that is afraid of the color of your skin will try to keep you from gaining it This write is like the golf fan yelling at his favorite golfer when he hits his shot You The Man Sir Charles
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Charles2 says:

naze00011, Thank you for checking me out. i see you have been quite active lately. You cover a lot of material.

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Charles2 says:

mrmelody7, Thank you. Seeing history like a photograph of the stage, setting, action.

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