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A soul moves through space and time

Breathing, heart beating 

As it's inclined by fate or circumstance

To travel through life,

Among others of kind

Led as if by voices in the wind 

...without beginning or end




In the beginning of human time...

When written word and language were far from commonplace

Our fertile, intelligent, albeit underdeveloped sense of mind

...ruled our actions.

We fought over things that mattered

To survive...

When we

As human creations

Began to act in ways more defined


Before good and evil divided us

Even across language barriers and racial lines

We developed strengths

Seeking to overcome

Our weaknesses show ourselves

As people who cared

About people


If you believe in such things


Before there were concepts 

Of studied forms of deceit

We reinforced bonds

Through our word


As we grew beyond

Familiar tribal ancestral roles


And later  ...societal rules


As institutions were first realized

In trial and error... Training camps

For citizenship rights 


By people who shared the wisdom gained through their lives


Leaving signs of their influence long after their day had passed


Its about making ties that help us to survive


Even to this day some still last


Even before there were graves

Or organized rituals,

We grew sideways

With knowledge of fire and horses

War machines, wheels and raising grain


Like observing the stars in the heavens


And knowing of the reasons

...for the seasons


Making places of higher learning


Havens of and for the ranking, wealthy or privledged

Unless you were one of the more fortunate people


Having family mentors who believed what they taught

 Even risked their lives


 Before the churches and schools took charge

Commonplace, as they are this day,


Do we respect the process of learning

By being a good example in the most honorable way


Yet, we still practice human sacrifice in wars beyond end...

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all stop and listen

To the wisdom that has come and gone the song of the wind



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