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learning love never been a side note for us

in, for or about coming into being, in our loving energies it is the central focal point of our lives, which cannot thrive much less survive until greater understanding comes our purpose both of savior and nemesis,

when your loving presence vanished

hope all but vacated my loving temples,

it’s essence evaporated i lost consciousness, left broken hearted, awakening angry and alarmed striking out blindly at an unseen enemy my emotions clouded in misery

leaving me immobilized, wracked in pain,

we made love too deeply to ever forget

the sense of feeling completely satisfied

it brought i had never known

i still feel love, can’t get enough of it

if our emerging truths ever allow us

to become more balanced in our lives together in a more joyful celebration

of life with one+another as we get ever closer to finding our truth

with every step we make reflecting off

of each other’s heart, in sharing both our joys and grieving slipping ever closer

with time, even as we weep reality

gradually being revealed between us,

as we struggle on in becoming


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