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Sunlight , warmth and rain ...charge us with energy

Our journey extended with long pauses between

Times of great conflict and overwhelming difficulty

Times it seems we arrive alone ...and times we are a nation

We are products of the stream of creation ...from ancient stock

Touching between our grandfathers and our grandchildren’s lives

We come and go ...unafraid to give and take life’s mystery

 In tides of passions ebb and flow ...our spirits rise

In the echoes of joy and laughter ...joined in our dreams

Moments together and apart ...ever+so a team

Following our inner voices ...wading through the stream of life

Learning to grow through the means and extremes

At times we hover just above our bodies and material minds

Focusing our energies within ...becoming more spiritually inclined

Rising to observe ...directing our energies to serve

In beams and pulses as the stars watch overhead

we cross paths in our routines, contacts made hold a place

we convey our spark of life choices, made or not

in crossings of the t’s and i’s we place our dot stories we have read

This moment of eternity...

Is all we’ve got

Unless our spark...

Is enabled

And given opportunity to ignite

...setting fires to the hearts of many

Or a few

Even one, who holds the key to the balance

Choosing the right moment to do what it is...

In our hearts do




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mrmelody7 says:

Enjoyable proverbial heavy duty piece of writing

Charles2 says:

thank you, mrmelody7

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