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...Life Is Too Short...

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Build your Spirit/Mind/and Body like a well guarded fort

Listen to this message that I bring you in this poem....Life Is Too Short

Life Is Too Short, which means there's not too much time

To put off for "tomorrow" what you can do in your prime

Get it together while young and success you will savor

And, when it's time to retire, you won't have to labor

For Food, Clothing, Shelter, which you know that you'll need

Life Is Too Short....This I tell you indeed

Let me tell you something else, beneficial here and abroad

Life Is Too Short To Get Right With The Lord....

Do it while possible, Eternal Life you will gain

You'll Ascend to Heaven...Your Soul To Maintain

You know this poem is true, because my Brothers I don't jive

So, sit back and listen as my words come alive...

Life Is Too Short for the drugs we use to inhale

Or, even if you're selling them/Whole or Retail

And, Life Is Too Short To Be Behind Bars

So, go for the gusto, shoot for the stars

This is for all of my loved ones, this Poetiq report

Still, I hope you'll digest it, because...Life Is Too Short...

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Cjsmom770 says:

Uplifting my spirits this morning with your piece. What a great thing to wake up to. Enjoy your day. Much love!!!

Poetiq1der says:

Peace and God's Blessings to you and yours...Thank you so much for the love Sister...I'm humbled and grateful. You have an even better day....1 Love

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