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I feel so Real, I feel so Real and I ffeel so Real and I owe it all to you-Feel so Real-Slave-Song with beautiful lyrics a tribute song for my special friend and very special favorite singer still connected Natalie Cole

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Stored up inside me always

ready to accelerate

Motion the need to move

the need to groove

A heart beat that say get

up and do it

A rhyhmic ancestral constant

thump that says there is

no quit in you

Motion that sees me swaying

with the universe as

the atmospheric winds

rushes through my every pulse

Fast pace music forever linked

to me

the thing that makes

me breathe

Motion without a doubt gettin

more then my portion

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Kingqadardwon' says:

Magnificent flow of "Motion" my brother! Excellent write! Write away King.

mrmelody7 says:

Thank you always King for your kind and generous remarks

2b2b2 says:

Keep It Movin' mrmelody7....thanks for sharing!

mrmelody7 says:

Thank you sir gotta do it while I can that thing age is movin fast, runnin up and down them basketball courts all day and that rock and roll firing with a m16 got me movin like this

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