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Higher Level

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On this path of higher thinking, linking ancestors presence, as  bloodlines flow through melanin skin I'm in, connecting to the celestial space and time.

Still of night gazing up at moonlit stars aligned in three, pointing to thee, brightest star in eastern skies, radiating Gods beautiful creation of the heavens and earth below, that's been here from the dawn of time.

Intertwined with beauty of nature, as I rebuke words of MAN, not trusting agendas set to control my thoughts, program my actions, restrict my freedoms, not conforming to what they want me to be.

For EYE see through the trickery and deceit, elevating on a higher plain of consciousness, moving from darkness to light. Mind waves brighter than sun rays that displays the God in me for I am nothing but an image of its reflection.

Perfection of numbers 666 as I am marked as Beast, but DNA FEAST upon that carbon 12. 6 protons, 6 electrons, 6 neutrons that produces that carbon dark matter, as it intensifies the beauty of my skin.

I begin to lift the veil of HIStory, as ancient teachings have transitioned to allegories to fit the narrative they want me to Be(lie)ve.

Should I put merit in Man's interpretation of truth even though he lie?

Should I dwell in intellectual darkness and not seek answers to awaken my third eye?

Should I deny and be judge mental of other religious systems and condemn their believes because they differ from mine?

No not I...for I stay in my lane and gain knowledge of self fulfillment, as I swim in deep abyss of answers untold, reaching the surface to breath again.

I defend my existence, as heart and mind are combined with beauty of love that's locked inside this temple, transplanted in earthly realm of being.

Seeing truth that lies beneath the surface unscathed, once you apply knowledge to seek it, your views of my existence you can keep it, if it forces your perception that you wish me to follow.

Each precious breath I take is not promised tomorrow, for today I dwell in beauty of mother earth that's divine, not assigned to religion customs that binds all mankind of being.

For I'm on this journey of higher thinking.


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Wize Dom says:

Very inspiring words.

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myactionspeak says:

This is really deep, keep posting man I liked it

RonnieL says:

Thank you for the kind words. Glad you felt it. Blessings

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latin_lover says:

Wow, this is powerful. Excellent write.

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Coalhouse says:

Very powerful!

RonnieL says:

Thanks for kind words..had to express it. Blessings

Kingqadardwon' says:

This is outstanding!!! Pulled me in deep!! Brilliant capture

mrmelody7 says:

As deep as a refreshen well lots to draw from this creative mystique write

RonnieL says:

mrmelody7....thank you for the read and comment. Honored this piece was well received.

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minayaJ says:

Intense...Powerful....and DEEP!!! Enjoyed every word read of it

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RonnieL says:

@minayaJ...thank you so much. Elevating everday, and not trusting the intent of common man. You see what's going on today in man hearts. Thus....evolving in my spirituality. Blessings

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