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A Good Man

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He told me he was leaving me this came as a surprise!
He said “come over here; have a seat and let me tell you why.
I work two jobs to provide for us I’m doing the best I can.
You keep complaining I’m never home but, baby damn! I’m
just a man!
When we first met you were fearful, said you were damaged
from the your last man did. Said he left you for someone
else not giving a damn about his kids!

Perplexity took control of me he saw it on my face. He said
“wait, don’t interrupt, listen to what I have to say. I said “But
 Pookie I’m not understanding.” He continued, saying “Everyday
I leave I carry your love with me but, today I’m leaving empty handed.
You see baby girl, I didn’t just left you up; I elevated you because
that’s what real men do. But last night when you snuck out of here
guess what?... I followed you!
That’s right, I know about the other guys ya slickass nicknamed
them ALL Pookie!  They don’t know about love, commitment
and sacrifices, real men they will NEVER be!”
Loving you was my blessing, loving me…a game you played.
Now you’re stuck with ya brokePookie’s; too bad you didn’t

With tears streaming down my face I said “Pookie; I mean baby
please don’t leave me! I ***ed up! This is all my fought!”
While walking out the door he said “you know?  A *** up I can
forgive…Your sillygot caught!

The moral of the story, ladies (and some fellas) I hope you feel me on this:
A good man you *** around on; A good man you will miss.

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after vision says:

my poet, stand up and sing this truth. thanks for the vision

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Ladypoet45 says:

Very nice write. Life is a lesson learned everyday. Write on!

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lovelylady1 says:

thank you my king and my beloved for your encouraging words!

TimChronicle says:

Shameful but very true on both sides. I just hope the jewels you just blessed us with is taken to heart! Do your thing Queen!

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lovelylady1 says:

Thank you for your constant words of encouragement my king. I hope it can be taken to heart as well!

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JustOneStoryTeller says:

"Bravo" my sister great write lovelylady. This is truth and so real thanks for putting it on the line cause it's one thing to be the one to damage the man and a whole other thing to be a good one that gets that damaged man who no longer wants to be a good one anymore. Ya feel me? Nice!

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