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hey everyone just wanted to say i appreciate all the love!!!!

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30 hours

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work work work work or should i call it home. i been working all day to ***ing long. My supervisor ask me to stay, hell naw!!! i gotta wife and 2 kids Mannn Im going home. peace! i skrtt off in my honda accord. no music no speakers i couldnt afford so i did a lot of thinking going home... talking to myself like whats really going on. Damn! im talking to myself we all do. nobody understand you better than you do. You your only ears when nobody else hears you. In other words... trust your self you know. i got home kiss my wife and kids told them hello went str8 to the studio to drop this flow It goes "I hate my job this ishh gotta go cause this week i did 30 hours  plus mo" It goes...

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after vision says:

my poet, we all find ourselves at this cross road at some point and time

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mrmelody7 says:

Give um Hell Brother Man got this write down pact been there a very enjoyable write and read

chrisj21390 says:

thanks my brothas

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Wize Dom says:

Could not have said these words better myself. Keep that pen in action.

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chrisj21390 says:

lol thanks bro i will forever continue....poetry is my life

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