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The ex is never gone

The spirit lingers on

Long after all is said done

Something still hangs on

The touch never forgotten

The voice in the background

Of sudden silence

A heart can be put back together

Still the cracks will show

That there was pain long ago

If you met in the snow

You feel it every time it’s cold

Even if it seem that you let go

In the face of the other

You see that it’s not so

You ask yourself

How can this be?

I’m not trying to repeat

Your heart reminds you

Remember when you

Held her close…Yeah!

Remember when you spoke

I’ll never let you go…Yeah!

Remember when

You said I’ll be with you

For the rest of my life…Yeah

Remember when

You said

You are the love of my life…Yeah!






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2b2b2 says:

WOW....Deeply Moving...Reality Write.....ONE

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tretre says:

I agree with 2b2b2...Just WOW! Always keep that pen movin Wize Dom!

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chrisj21390 says:

I like that!!! Nice work

royale jones says:

sad but so true! love the truth in it bruh beautiful confession!

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