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***ing Tired

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***ing Tired



In the middle of me praying

I asked for guidance and more love than before

In hopes of making it out of this wicked place

In the middle of me praying;

Them shots start spraying

Same street,

Or the next street over

Son going bonkers; he has no clue whats going on

All he care about is this leftover pizza sizzling in his hand

Yelling at the top of his lungs

Tryna dive for cover

Before my 1 year old is victim to black on black crime

Or the death of the next innocent black man

But he..





I’m ***ing tired

Running a business

Keeping the house clean

Building a King from a Trap Queen

And working on myself

Yeah I called that a damn Trap Queen

Only Men I know;

Provide, protect, and get it by any means

I don’t know why all my young black men

Walking around skinny looking like damn dope deans

Can't you see we at war!


Why yall keep dozing off for


I can't dodge a bullet with all these damn windows

& The s shootin is the ones with the nappy fro’s

My own people…


So I just stand still

Asking the lord to continue to provide every meal

Praying that my sleep is interrupted

And Oprah wanna sign me a 4.5Million deal

Cause I'm ***ing Tired

I don’t know what else to do

Besides opening my mouth to say THANK YOU


To top it all off…

I lost a brother today

This blunt nor drank can make me less sorrowful

His heart attached to mine

His words attached to my brain

His spirit lifts me

He kicks it with me every hour

In a hood where he aint supposed to be

But..He still here

No man, did my brotha fear

He was all in

A Go is a Go


“Bro I wanna kill this .”

He responded,

“Sis just let me know.”

I ride for you even after you're gone.

Just don't forget me

And continue on singing them songs


I probably won't be at ya funeral cause that’ll be too many heads

Just a constant reminder of how my baby boy is;


I wanna remember you like I left you

Full of life

. In efforts to make Miley Cyrus ya wife;

All jokes aside

Just let me dome this one

But I’ll let you hit it

Ima need every french inhale this motha ***a gone allow me

Either that or just put me in the tub and drown me


Brotha I just ask that you be with me daily

Cause all these brokes just wanna come up or play me

I’m already set back by giving a premature king a baby


Keep us in your arms and fly me out the hood

Cause my brotha…

Can I tell you something

I’m ***ing tired.





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xclusive says:

I love this one. Hope to see more from you

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latin_lover says:

Excellent write!

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catmartan says:

Great One !

AuthorJ.Stankin says:

Thank you guys!

2b2b2 says:

Superb Work....Namaste!!

Wize Dom says:

Potent energy, I pray this fire never goes out. This what I call let it out! Welcome to The Vibe

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Reddrenee__ says:

D o p epoem , keep doin ya thangggg💪

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