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A Hood Mentality

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Im on the corner
Feelin like a street light
Hustlin everyday
Just so I can eat right
I don’t even sleep nights
So Im feelin nocturnal
Hustla from within
So the game is internal

Raised by the street
With a goon like mentality
Best of both worlds
Hustlin with the best strategy
It's a tragedy
Well it is what you make of it
So I had to close shop
And make dough like a bakery
The boy got ’s like
Im talkin bout slavery
They handle all my problems
So it cancels all the bravery

People take life for granted
But I take if for what is worth
Tryin to make a change
But this the only way my mind works
So I respect that fact
And collects all its perks
Constantly watchin my back
Cause I be where trouble lurks

But I be duckin and dodgin
Like im straight out the matrix
Im not a silly rabbit
So I never chase tricks
I can go through war
And never experience casualty
Its not me, just my hood mentality...

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latin_lover says:

I agree. This is dope.

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Lyrical lyfe says:

very dope :))

lashann roberts says:

I like! Hood Soldier!

Tali_sosweet says:

Great poem!

kingqadardwon' says:

Dope flow

AuthorJ.Stankin says:

The perfect ending !

Ezell-Dazh says:

Dope...Its hood now.

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RonnieL says:

Like the flow of this piece! Salute!

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