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The DNA test

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The truth hurts 🙊 and I've never been the type to hold my tounge on important matters so when its all said & done and the results come back...feelings are going to be hurt but realize one thing at the end of the day GOD controls this so what ever choice is made if you decide to remain in her life or leave it well alone, let it not be one another has made and set for you because your afraid to move the way you feel in your soul is in the best instrest! Stupidity and lies are NOT within me so I will NOT be apart of what was NOT sent for me or held accountable for anothers choice that was NOT made with me or by me but rather given to me freely by the hands of YAH because I trust only in the most high & understand I AM NOT BLIND!  Wise enough to know that this again may be the wrong time....i was afraid to even get attached to a child i was not sure was even yours or not. I dont trust in my heart because the heart lies; the heart deceives and the heart bleeds which therfore means the heart is only apart of the flesh filled with sin as a human being.  I trust in my soul because it speaks through me not to me; with every word that I spill it is not thought out before being revealed, it is freely coming through me as i type because I AM BLESSED & I will not stress because that is NOT GOD & anything being taken away from me that was not freely given by the hands of "YAH", that is NOT GOD....As i stated before I AM NOT BLIND! Having the title & bond go hand and hand, one without the other is like a walking dead man! Take notes if you must & understand blessings are not rushed & when the blessing comes you'll know because its something thats not easily touched. You will only be moved by the comfort feeling in your soul because the soul never lies although the soul often crys.... thats why i told you i was crying because I am happy physically but, because I know what I know & have seen what I've seen the soul often crys. Because I've been through many storms, overcome them & have a story! I've missed alot of special moments but God had a purpose because if i never would have left I wouldnt be the woman i am today & i know this! I am Forever thankful for what GOD has done yet I am also sad and hurt because i went through soo much & missed out on so much to be where i am standing today....and guess what! Our story still does not end! Lady Nya the Queen 👑

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Poetiq1der says:

Peace and God's Blessings.....Very nice...

after vision says:

my poet, you are right - God has a plan for you and your pen. I will NOT be apart of what was NOT sent for me- that was all that I needed to hear

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