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"Moon-lit spotlight"

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Many Years of Sailing my yatch on the surface of the rough seas,

  I now see,

that I can now speak how I want the waves to be.

I've learned to control the Moon and use its magnetic fields to my advantage

and attract what I want and when I want.

The oceans of the multitudes of fish that I fully control,

God given ability to calm and lower the tides,

acute vision scans the deep blue,

millions of square miles that becomes my personal aquatic stage to do collaborations of poetry

with any female species of scales and fins that I want to.

Reciting and inciting others to join in and encouraging

them become a star underneath this moon-lit spotlight,

that kisses the epipelagic zone.

One particular Beauty stood out more than others,

I said to the others that the audition was over, and they started to go back to the schools from which they came,

she was so beautiful, my gaze I even lowered,

as the ultimate sign of respect,

the authentic and sweet words that she produced,

they shook the core of my oceans floor.

Her recitations of her poetry, she just floored, it wasn't something that you can just ignore.

I yearned and begged for more,

this day I would've traded all of my gifts in just to hear

more of what was inside of her that she brilliantly stored.

I told her that I wanted much more and I asked her in the politest way would she like to come with me back to the shore,

dock this thing and hit the beach house, and make some hymns.

Have a glass of ice tea with me and watch me cook up something hot and tasty on the stove.

I just know that this was the way to go,

we talked and recited Psalms all night until the Sun finally came out stole our show,

I told her the same time tomorrow night,

we'll sail to the other side of the world where we'll have less Sun light

and more Moonlight to raise our vibrations even higher.  

                   Qadar Dwon'


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Ladypoet45 says:

Sheer brilliance! Your words flow like the ocean's waves themselves. I felt like I was watching a movie. Thank you for sharing this.

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Kingqadardwon' says:

@Mspoet45 Thank you.... I'm extremely humbled by your comment..... Thank you so much...

mrmelody7 says:

Hey hey like how you always push the edges of creativity and beyond, my secret mission in life to capture that elusive Mermaid curses foiled again

Kingqadardwon' says:

Thank you my brilliant poetic brother... I try to push the limits and create fun pieces that are unsual, with a blend of nice,sweet, and funny stories.... The sacred mermaid eludes us both, she will be captured on perfect day lol.. thanks for vibing with me brother...

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