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We act upon our will
in ways hard to explain
falling in and out of love
like rainfalls and in tides
moving between insights

in the process of our lives

within our interactions

and what comes between

remembering the placement

where our actions coincide

with others so inclined,

merge and converge,

to feel the warmth

currents flowing

between our minds

to share the dreams

in the light of love

of what we know most

brings calm and reassuring

rhythms to our souls

and in the shadows of things

which cause us pain

as we embrace

learning when to erase

from the active pathways in our minds

the need to explore further,  places

where traces of repeating patterns of mistakes

reside in force, leave us with bad tastes  

...where we've been burned...

and overcome the urge to return there

until such time where spiritually

we are insulated,

by renewed senses of

where what dangers therein lie

as we earn our way

with time


We find new roads

when others of our kind,

not blinded by our errors

find their peace...

and in an atmosphere of trust
allow new freedom found

penetrate our confusion,

follow our intuition

taken to the place

where our energies

are at their peak...

a place where

in spiritual matters

we find our place

to be appreciated

for being integral...

all because

an essential part

which is unique

fits perfectly





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