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by eveningtide...

as our spiritual sails

begin to fill with stardust energy

buoyed by the empty space between the stars

the place where we have lived together

for once fulfilled and forever to be claimed

before tides of change carried us to a place afar

no longer anchored to the daily grind

and begin to drift above this place

from where our bodies and our minds

find definition by reaction

to this world on which we are bound

only to find our spirit will

shining through this wall of flesh

crossing a rainbow bridge,

entering new dimensions

as we soar above all our worries

and leave our troubles

far behind...

to start anew,

proclaim a truth

we've known...

before we were due

to have arrived

by stagecoach

plunging ahead

with reckless abandon

trying hard to be

...on time...

a spark foretold

by the visions of old

Kings and Queens

the real treasures

were not of gold

we were more

than just commodities

nor chattle to be bought or sold

when we lept into

our mothers dreams

and the gleam in our fathers eyes

before the moon turns the tides again

and dropped us from the womb

with joyous screams

and the remembrance reveals itself

within our hearts and souls

skipping stones

...playing leap frog

using just our hearts and minds

from one world to the next

to float effortlessly towards our goals

fueled by the love between our souls

gravitate towards the greater oneness

there beyond... somewhere

where all the visions and the plans

elevate our consciousness

to a higher place

and when our spirits are clear

and our thoughts are pure

all living energy...

which surrounds us

responds somehow

to our prayers

as together our spirits climb

over the horizons of our minds

beyond the struggle for existence

as we pretend we live forever

steering our vessel as life demands

are we staying on course

true to the intent

are all our promises aligned

and the emotions we once shared

on track

before we last parted...

still intact

shall i meet you there...?

if there's any room left your heart of mind

(just thought i'd ask)



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