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A Piece of Devil Ass

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 My father always promised us there’d be better days
Before he turned his back and then he walked away
I played with the devil but now it was his turn to play
The devil comes in many forms to stalk all his prey
At first it’s usually beautiful; it’s never death and decay
In his case it was a woman who spit all the right game
And just like the devil she was the master of temptation
Capitalizing on his frustration and promising salvation
Conditioning him to accept humiliation and damnation
Like when the devil tempted Jesus by offering him nations
In exchange for his obedience and giving up aspirations
This woman tempts him with vacations to far away nations
In exchange for leaving it all including his family and relations
She turned him into the shell of a man I used to admire before
Talked him into cheating while married like an everyday whore
He told my mother don’t worry as he walked out of the door
A year gone by and not a cent and now its foreclosure and more
Meanwhile the roofs falling in and every ones pockets are sore
When she asks for money it’s like she’s a money grubbing whore
And every phone conversation turns into some fiery battle of war
I stop and reflect on the memories of some too distant past
It’s amazing how time flies and nothing really seems to last
I regret the time I could have spent with him I spent trashed
By the time I got myself together he was flying out first class
No cares in the world while his family’s situation’s burning to ash
Leaving behind his family and kids for a piece of devil ass

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