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A Rainy Day

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the sky cries but makes no sorrowful sound,

Lightining and thunder clashes in the distant horizon.

Outside I stand,

Allowing the raindrops to constantly hit my face;

Listening to the battle up above as the sound reminds my soul of a beautiful song.

I have fought for so long I visualize the blood from my sins are slowly washed away,

The daggers of hatred veered towards myself its clang becomes hollow.

Wounds heal as time wills its progression,

I close my eyes and say thank you.

Wash away my impurities for I am not perfect,

cleanse me of everything that taints this soul

And shine upon me new hope.

Who am I to question my future?

Who am I to regret the past?

Drenched is my body, but the soul is still dry,

Soaked are my clothes, but illness does not affect me.

My eyes welcome the tears shed by the angels for I take in your pain,

Do not cry as most of still believe.

Most of us have not forgotten that on a day like this,

God shed tears as he sacrificed His only Son for our sins;

Most of us have not forgotten that on a day like this,

We were able to enter His kingdom.

Do not cry.

Do not feel sad.

This man believes in your existence.

As I take in my surroundings,

I see the others have gathered.

We acknowledge each other

and within our hearts we say, "We still believe."

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DeleDivine says:

You GO!! This is so refreshing, deep intertwined with such creativity..:) I FEEL you brother!!

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j.king337 says:

thank you!!!

underhiswings7 says:

This is superb

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