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Colorado Football (Coach Prime)



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Let’s just call a Shade a Shade.

This is in reference to Colorado’s Coach Deion Sanders wearing a hat and shades. Colorado was 1-11 last year in 2022 and in the first 3 games this year they are now 3-0. And just by these 3 wins, if he wins no more, he has already exceeded last year’s record.

If the purpose of the shades is to BLOCK out all the negativity and stay focused and if wearing shades keep you winning, then maybe others need to get them some shades instead of trying to throw shade.

People who have a problem with Coach Prime wearing shades, well, they have a problem (not him). And the problem is, he is winning, which was what he was brought there to do. Do you really think he was brought there so the team could continue losing?

In all actuality, in the natural it looks like he was brought to Colorado so the team could win, but in reality, he was brought to Colorado so the World could win.

Whether you like it or not, he is changing the world and his expectations of winning is not just limited to football. He has brought a bright light, a shining light, a beacon of light to this city, to these young men and to the world. He is building not only a team, but a nation to believe more, not in him, but in themselves.
He is winning just cause he got you watching.
And if you know like I know, Mark 9 vs 23 says, "All things are possible to him who believes."

Coach Prime says, “I Believe”

I Believe “We Coming”

I Believe it's time

I Believe I ain’t hard to find

I Believe we got Now

So now you know, you know what time it is. It’s time to BELIEVE!

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