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just different

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Gasping for air, breath by breath my lungs are exploding in pain.
Fear has got me to the point of being insane. I am looking back but there’s nothing there.

But I hear snarls and growls approaching quick, too fast for me to place distance between us.

Sweat dripping down like a river…

My only instinct is to run,
run as fast as you can,
run faster than what your mind limits you.

What has caused this to take place in my presences…

I thought that I escaped,

I thought that I was able to get away.

It’s coming, coming to kill me…

The tears are coming down and my heart is on fire.

I hear it!



(At this moment it was too late, the pounce was great!, Claws ripping the flesh to shreds cracks, cries and the crackling of bones go on and on. And what would this beast be to cause this fear, this calamity. “Love” yes love and all it’s falsehoods that it tries to give you a fake face given the illusion it can be a beautiful and wonderful fusion)

Naz’e 5-4-9-19

This poem was inspired by Raven BlackRose, from her poem called "Run" I hope you all enjoy

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love_supreme says:

Excellent write.

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edwardbalonado21 says:

I feel this could be a dream. A dream that could be interpreted as your mind telling you to stop running. Embrace whats coming. Its inevitable. begin new with love. Really enjoyed this read

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