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I been Goateed


just different

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Dear World,

It’s Capricorn season!                                                                        

Our season ends the year and WE start the year. And you know what? So many people wanna be “a Goat,” and debate over who is “a Goat” and who is not. But if you are born a Capricorn then you already know, we been Goateed! Yes been, since birth. Why you think it’s called Capricorn the Goat… duh.
As a Capricorn, we dominate and intimidate. We are driven and determined and best believe, we are VERY Vocal. As some may know, we are the most chilled and unbothered. And no lies told, we are very friendly and we are fun-ny. We are the life of the party, we turn up and we turn off.

Some say we are stubborn and cheeky (and is) and it’s only because it’s our way and that’s the only way. We are the most lovable people and if you meet us, just know, you have been blessed. Our energy is unmatched. We stand strong and firm in what we say and do. Our confidence can come off as iness or arrogance because at times it is beyond reason. But truly it’s not arrogance, it’s a strength of our character and if you ever come across a Capricorn, you will know this. We just built different. We the illest and the Realest and it’s not even up for discussion. 


"The Goat"

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love_supreme says:

Very nice

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The Immortal Wize says:

I don't think I know any Capricorns, I'm a Leo and that's a lion and you know what they about us, it's all lies. Lol!

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mlowe5 says:

A most interesting write, Colette. Thought-provoking in a positive awareness way. Though not of the same "birth sign", as I approach 82 in the next two months, the one thing that I realize is that what matters most is that I, like you, and all others been born of an in the Sign of God. Yes, be proud of that birth sign awareness; but also be proud of God's navel love we all are given to share. ONE. Peace and Love.

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