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Passing Beauty



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Love to take these Back roads

to the lake

Love seeing the 4 changing 4 seasons as

I take my excursions for the day

The one thing that always gets

gets my attention at this time of

year Winter

Its those outrageous sexy bare naked

trees lining the highway as I pass they

lookin like that dance Troupe in New York

The Rockets

All their leaves now ground pounded

those sexy limbs exposed

twisting n shouting in all kind

of directions

Some long and straight

some curvy some tall

and elegant

Those great looking limbs

no matter how cold standing

elegant and tall



A nice funk group song I think of You sexy Thing by

the group Hot Chocolate I youtube it

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Wow! I have this same daily tree palisade drive. Love the canvassing of this write. Great! ONE. Peace and Love.

mrmelody7 says:

Thank U yes I remember a while ago you mention you enjoyed trees They r eally somethin when its icy cold outside

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love_supreme says:

Excellent write.

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mrmelody7 says:

Thanks love_supreme

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TEEDUB815 says:

Enjoyed Reading This Peom

mrmelody7 says:

TEEDUB815 thank u live in the country love trees cant beat a big shade tree in the summer

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