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I Feel So Real and I owe it all to you-Tribute song for my very favorite Singer and Special friend Natalie Cole-still connected-Feel so real Steve Arrington

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So Glad My Own White House



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Yes indeed its in my


puttin it out there so all

will know

so glad I got my own

White House

As that caption goes

r u a man or a mouse

here n now I am a man

run my own White House

am the president VP Sec of Defense

all that good stuff

even got my own federal bank reserve

for emergency at my White House

So all the serious clowns out there runnin 

for president or vice president or

former president

let me just say I never concerned

myself or worried bout U I got

my own lil Whit House out in

the country I run it as I see fit

never worried bout your BS


There is a great song from 1969 by the Impressions lead

singer Curtis Mayfield called check out your mind am so amazed how current this song is to the young and old so many great lines hard to pick just one my favorite is people thinking they been took just

 finding out they overlooked never found the missing link forgot they had a mind to think   Check it out on youtube Check out your mind by the Impressions


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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Me too! am glad. And our White House inside and out is as beautiful as we are Black and Proud. Nice write. I like this. ONE. Peace and Love.

mrmelody7 says:

Thank U Sir I vote because of the fight of our ancestors but I always said it doesnt matter who in the president you gotta keep you eye on your house

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