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Flight of the Butterfly



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How can I begin my flight How can i expect to spread my wings If I don't become one with the open sky That is how it comes to survive and thrive : When I am afraid to fly I close my eyes and I visualize it I convince myself that Im going to try Then fear and phobia begin to set in A fear deeper than words can describe I could pop a few anxiety pills I could get a doctor to prescribe I could drown out reality of my personality I could call up my dealer and go get high However that does not cure me It just further detours me Impairs my vision and insecurity Farther from having desire to try I Can Never Forget That Even if my image depicts that Im not a pilot, Im not a bird, I am a butterfly I cannot change the weather But I can get myself together Go and look my fears in the eyes The pilot was once only a student As the bird was just an egg Yet a caterpillar is stuck struggling inside The pilot pursues aeronautical knowledge The bird was taught by others But the caterpillar has no idea No one to show it how it is to survive It is lost with only intuition and instinct Its only ability is to try to decide It has to go through trial and error Metamorphosis seems to take forever Some even say it is impossible For it to take on another form of life However through trial and tribulations Some confinement and some isolation The caterpillar assessed the situation Looked inside and figured out how to fly Its instincts put it in the right position It broke out of its temporary prison Changed entire perception of resistance....

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Very nice!

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Most excellent!

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