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Been missing in action poetry fam- so hello to everyone! Can you please go check out my poems on YouTube? Poetry w/ music. A must hear - here's the links https://youtu.be/K5PQXyR2ouU

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Sometimes I feel like just erasing myself & from the look of things there isn’t much left.  A mere shell only remains, a faceless soul with little to gain. 


Unhappiness is the one thing that continually occupies my space & wipes away all efforts of me trying to place a smile upon my face.  


A collective of poor decisions have overwhelmed my thoughts & now I can only reminisce of those internal battles that I once fought. How I use to be strong both mentally & physically yet today I’m weaken by both fatigue & misery.  I sit a many days lost in a stare, to be present in the physical however I’m never really here. 


The great escape is much similar to a magic trick. Now you see me yet my aspirations for life itself no longer exist. 

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love_supreme says:

Excellent write.

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Chanan Y'qarah says:

i just so happen to be listening to Curtis Mayfield reading this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9wXSmGc4S4

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WhiteThePoet says:

My favorite artist / poet Curtis - fav song https://youtu.be/ColN9DvYaJU?feature=shared

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