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The Floods Never Came



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What if . . .

  the floods never came
and the years of plenty

was just propaganda
perpetrated by pharaoh

                      I’m standing in the dunes

                      and for miles
                      there's only dust
                                  sand falls like rain
                 the exodus never happened
                   have come and gone

                    has left a bitter taste
                   in my mouth

                       my bones are arid
                   saturated with thirst

                   tears run dry
                   they carve canyons
                        down my cheeks


                              my saliva is as glue
                               it sticks my tongue
                      to the roof of my mouth

there’s no way out of my sins


                   the years of plenty
                   have succumbed                                  to years of naught

                   no way to get in
                   even from within

I'm floating like moss

       f a c e d o w n

                along the river's edge

                                g r a s p i n g

              at hollow reeds
              already plucked
              they make paper
              to tell this story

              I drown again                                              even though
t h e   f l o o d s   n e v e r   c a m e  .  !


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