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Where Did All the Honey Bees Go



Views: 95

H o w ~
do you choose

hell and high water

when . .

hell and high water
is the same place . . ?

        do we breathe today
         or hold our breath
         until tomorrow . . ?

                      is divine
              in this reality

climate change
global warming
carbon saturation

over-medicated livestock
genetically engineered foodstock

        g r a i n s t o c k  .  .

        never before seen
        in nature

                       m e a t . !
            grown in labs . .

            sliced up
            and packaged neatly
                    for consumption

t h e   p r o g n o s i s . . ?

        bodies laid out
                   on slabs

g e n e t i c a l l y   m o d i f i e d . . !

        is just another lie
        for -  ya gonna die  .  !

if   y a   e a t   t h i s   s h i t

        blood pressure

                an ill functioning
                healthcare system

        into  .  .
        heart attacks
        erectile dysfunction

a n d    e v e r y t h i n g

                        that ain’t
          functioning right

          the control valve
          controls nothing

t h e   s e t u p    i s    a    b u i l d  up

           born of corruption
                          and greed

scorched earth farming
                    strip mining

                                                                                                       mountains that were forever

                      C R Y . . !

     as rivers flow the waste
     of greed and indifference

              the seas

    flood waters rise  .  !

    the ground shakes
                 beneath us

                             the seas
    have turned against us

    to wash away the disease
    that is us

    f r o m   t h e   l a n d

                          the air
    poisons in its wake

            fossil fuel
            fuels death . !

   an irreversible circumstance

we’re creating
our own slow burn

        reward for contempt
                     and sacrilege

       sea ice melt
       permafrost gone

                as glaciers
        glide into a sea

a l l    l e v e l s    r i s e  .  !

            vanishing wetlands
                          soil erosion

            N O W . . .

            The Desert Amazon . . !

coral reefs die . .
   aquifers dry

           we are the canaries
           in the coal mine

            n o    m o r e . .

            shall we dance
              in the snows
            of Kilimanjaro

    u n l e a s h e d  ~

       untold horrors
       frozen in time

              e o n s

        havoc’s reign   .  !

        one does not rape
        one’s mother  .  .  !

                     where . .

                   D i d   A l l
  T h e   H o n e y   B e e s   g o . . ?

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Contest Winner  

The Immortal Wize says:

do we breathe today or hold our breath until tomorrow . . ? Thought provoking!

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Mingoao says:

The Immortal Wize: Thanks for your time and feedback. -Peace

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